than the sun

Our skills and commitment ensure your safety.

Phlegon has been working on the development, turnkey execution and operation of industrial scale
plants and small plants for ten years.

For other companies

Business and environmental awareness: energy production for companies

As we’ve already proved to many members of trade and industry that energy production via solar panels isn’t only beneficial for our environment but also for business. Moreover, for multiple decades and predictably. Is there such equipment at your company? ???? In the past couple of decades making energy production greener has been an increasing societal demand. Today there is practically no agricultural field where the utilization of solar energy within the premises is impossible. The decreased payback time ensured by recent technological developments makes investing in solar energy outstandingly attractive.

Why exactly is it worth it?

  • You can produce your company’s electricity needs on its’ premises, alongside a predictable yield and minimal operational costs.
  • An investment like this can provide protection against the increasing electricity costs
  • It can help lower the costs of economically trying periods or summer outages
  • It’s an exceptionally profitable solution as its lifecycle immensely exceeds its return on investment.
  • It shows the company’s commitment towards protecting climate and environment.

Increase your company’s competitive operation through a long term and assuredly recoverable investment!

For investors

Solar plant as financial investment:
in-hand planning, authorisation and execution

For professional investors, our company provides a fully-fledged project-development and execution service. The quick technological development of solar panels and executional solutions require a partner with multi-annual, accumulated and continuously expanding knowledge such as one with vast domestic and international networks guaranteeing the maximal financial yield and safety possible. Our broad-based experience guarantees that the plant planned and executed by our company will correspond to the investor’s expectations therefore ensuring the plant’s cost-effective implementation.

For detached houses

Energetically independent family:
a solar system for your home

Electricity has become the number one energy source of residential properties. Our solar plants offer an unprecedented opportunity as they enable you to self-produce energy for your family-with a single investment, for multiple decades.
Our colleagues’ expertise and the technological components of the highest quality involved guarantee:

  • financial independence from distribution companies and electricity-cost increases
  • safe operation
  • increase in the values of your property

Plant implementation

Safe investment:
plant implementation

The Sun does most of the work when it comes to meeting the proposed yield. However, well planned and
professional implementation is key to maximalise the profit. The experiences acquired while building and operating, not only international, but also our own plants, help us constantly upgrade
our expertise in plant implementation. Making it possible to provide services we know worked for us and we believe are
efficient. We most certainly know what satisfies the owner of a plant!

Trust our expertise and use our services:

  • full, periodical maintenance, testing with instruments and thermal-cameras
  • error correction on a case by case basis
  • production monitoring
  • post-execution soil settlement and taking care of the area
  • solar panel cleaning
  • full administration


A new challenge: e-mobility

Oftentimes the reason for building a plant is to power an electrical
-car fleet. Transitioning to e-mobility is more than just a step towards decarbonisation.
Just like the utilization of solar energy in other fields, it reduces the operational costs


Contribution to decarbonisation: guarantee of origin

Achieving decarbonisation objectives of a company is a complicated task at high cost. Numerous examples show that increasing customer and employee loyalty and communicating value-based operations can make such investments pay off in the short term. However, there are solutions to achieve these goals without investing in assets.

In addition to on-site renewable production, we also help to provide green energy for all energy consumption. This is done through a guarantee of origin, which we make available to our partners from our own production.