Up to date team

Up to date team

Meet our competent and dedicated team!

Tibor Gaál

Executive director
Mobile: 06-30-251-3098
e-mail: tgaal@phlegon.hu

András Kormányos

Financial manager
Mobile: 06-20-283-8717
e-mail: akormanyos@phlegon.hu

Mónika Várnai

Office manager
Mobile: 06-20-232-5556
e-mail: iroda@phlegon.hu

Adrienn Fűrész

sales person
Mobile: 06-70-615-2692
e-mail: property@phlegon.hu

Richárd Baranyai

Project manager
Mobile: 06-70-323-4006
e-mail: rbaranyai@phlegon.hu

Edina Binder

Financial Assistant
Mobile: 06-20-416-5505
e-mail: ebinder@phlegon.hu

Imre Mészáros

Site manager
Mobile: 06-20-282-4355
e-mail: imeszaros@phlegon.hu

Róbert Ponczok

Logistic manager
Mobile: 06-20-282-4355
e-mail: rpoczok@phlegon.hu

Barbara Vicze

Project coordinator
Mobile: 06-20-232-2441
e-mail: bvicze@phlegon.hu

Timur Attila Soós

Development manager
Mobile: 06-30-482-6038
e-mail: tsoos@phlegon.hu

Ágota Kovács

Project manager
Mobile: 06-70-621-1459
e-mail: akovacs@phlegon.hu

Attila Juhász

Project preparation
Mobile: 06-70-771-6494
e-mail: ajuhasz@phlegon.hu

Zoltán Tanács

Head of technical unit
Mobile: 06-20-283-3032
e-mail: ztanacs@phlegon.hu

Viktor Török

O&M coordinator
Mobile: 06-70-615-9190
e-mail: service@phlegon.hu

Tibor Bai

Mobile: 06-70-394-3574
e-mail: tbai@phlegon.hu

Kálmán Szabó

Mobile: 06-20-316-8002
e-mail: kszabo@phlegon.hu